On The GFS Shop Floor – New Flanger

You might say continuous improvement is a bit of a passion at GFS. Over the last two years we’ve completed a massive expansion of our warehouse and office space, invested in new technologies for advanced research and design, and purchased new equipment and machinery to improve workflow, quality and productivity in the shop.

One such piece of new machinery essential to the production of GFS fans is the Roundo SF-2 Flanger. The Roundo SF-2 flanger forms the flanges on our fan housings that are used to bolt the fan assembly to the intake and exhaust duct stacks. It replaces an aging machine and is much faster, more accurate, and significantly easier to operate. it also adds the capability to have the bolt holes on the flange punched on the machine, where previously the holes would have been punched on a separate machine adding time and steps to the manufacturing process.
First, the housing for the fan is punched on a turret. Next the housing gets rolled in to shape and welded in the duct department. From there, it is transferred to the Roundo for flanging. Once the 2” flange is formed on the end of the material, the Roundo will also punch the bolt connection holes into the flange. These are the holes that allow the fan to bolt onto the booth or other pieces of round ductwork including the ARV or the spiral duct.

This new machine will allow GFS to produce better quality fan tubes, with tighter manufacturing tolerances. Our steel waste will go down with the consistency of this machine and it will enable better workflow and control of product in the duct department.

For more information, please visit the GFS website.

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