NFPA Update – November 2012

GFS is proud to have our very own Geoff Raifsnider on the Technical Committee for Finishing Processes for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This week on the Booth Blog, Geoff takes a few moments to give some insight on the latest news & upcoming changes from NFPA for spray booth owners & operators!

Here are Geoff’s comments:

Now is the exciting time for the committee on Finishing Processes. The next edition of NFPA 33 Standard for Spray Application Using Flammable or Combustible Materials and NFPA 34 Standard for Dipping, Coating and Printing Processes Using Flammable or Combustible Liquids are scheduled for 2015 and the First Draft phase (previously Report on Proposals) is in full swing.

The committee has already generated several proposals and all public proposals need to be submitted prior to January 4, 2013.  Public proposals can be submitted through the NFPA website on the document page:  

Proposals for temporary membrane enclosures, door interlocks on automated spray booths, means of egress, recirculation and others are in the works.

The First Draft will be available to be viewed and commented on by the public in September 2013.

In addition to revisions to NFPA 33 and NFPA 34, a task group has been working to resolve differences and gray areas between the language in the National Electric Code (NEC) and NFPA 33/34. The public will be able to review updates in the Report on Comments published in March 2013. The next edition of the NEC will be issued in 2014.

If you have specific questions about NFPA or spray booth fire safety, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can. Thanks!

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