Summary of SEMA – Great Connections, Great Experiences!

Another SEMA show has come and gone, and most of us who spent the week in Vegas are probably still recovering from sore feet, late nights, too much food and the overwhelming amount of amazing vehicles on display. The saying goes “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but the same cannot be said for SEMA.

The things that happen at the show are shared with the world. We take our experiences with us back to our respective corners of the globe and share them with business partners and friends. What happens at SEMA is shown to the entire automotive world.

GFS Tradeshow Space at SEMA 2012
GFS Tradeshow Space at SEMA 2012

GFS did things very differently at SEMA this year. In addition to ramping up the size of our exhibit space and developing a brand new trade show display complete with video content showing throughout the show, we also partnered with other prominent SEMA exhibitors to bring a truly unique aspect to the show: the Cromax Pro Experience paint booth!

Outdoor Paint Booth Demonstrations at SEMA 2012
Outdoor Paint Booth Demonstrations at SEMA 2012

The Cromax Pro Experience paint booth was a joint venture between GFS and DuPont Custom Finishes, with support from Champion compressors and 3M. Built just outside the North and Central hall entrances, the exhibit gave attendees the unique opportunity to actually suit up and spray the latest waterborne paints from DuPont in a working GFS Professional paint booth, complete with AdvanceCure drying system and LOGIC touch-screen controls.

DuPont paint techs ran 6-person classes three times a day during the show, and every one of the sessions was filled up quickly. Feedback from painters, shop owners, techs, the DuPont team and celebrities was tremendous. In addition to simply being amazed that there was a working paint booth at the show, attendees commented on such aspects as the quality of the construction, the fit and finish, the lighting arrangement, airflow, controls and effectiveness of the filtration. This kind of real-time feedback was great to hear, and it gave attendees the ability to see with their own eyes the amount of engineering and technology that goes in to every GFS paint booth.

GFS Paint Booth at SEMA 2012
A group of attendee/painters gets ready to spray their test panels in the GFS paint booth!
Rick Dale of American Restoration stops by to check out the action in the paint booth!

We were fortunate enough to also have Kristen Felder and the team from Collision Hub come by and capture some unique video footage at the booth, filming attendees spraying in the booth and highlighting some of the advanced technologies incorporated in to the equipment that help make spraying waterborne easier than ever.

GFS was also present to witness the unveiling of the latest Ringbrothers custom car at the BASF booth. We’re extremely proud to be a supplier to the Ringbrothers, and we heard directly from Mike and Jim Ring that they place a tremendous amount of value on their GFS Performer paint booth, citing it as a key reason they are able to produce such amazing paint jobs on cars like their ‘Grinch’ 1970 Camaro. The fact that this car, which was unveiled to plenty of applause, was painted in a GFS booth made us very grateful to have such a solid relationship with acclaimed automotive artists like the Ringbrothers.

It was a tremendously successful show for GFS. We can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to everyone that came by and visited us, and we’re very excited to continue to build on the relationships that we started, and those that we rekindled. Thanks! Please let us know what you thought of the SEMA show, and if you were one of those that made it in to the paint booth to spray, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the experience!

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SEMA 2012
Kristen Felder of Collision Hub talks with Mike Ring about the Ringbrothers ‘Grinch’ 1970 Camaro

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