Problem Solved – High-Tech Environment for Painting High-Tech Helicopters

Case Study – A Technologically Advanced Paint Booth Solution for American Eurocopter

American Eurocopter designs, builds, supports, reliable proven and performance rotary wing aircraft for the private, commercial and military sectors.

Having built a new facility in Columbus, MS in support of the US Army UH-145 Light Utility Helicopter Program, three new paint spray booths were required for the stringent coating requirements. American Eurocopter selected down draft GFS paint spray booths with full grated floors.

The drive-through paint spray booths were designed to achieve the highest quality finish standards while protecting the operators and the environment. VOC and LEL monitors ensure safe operator conditions. This complete coating facility is energy-efficient and worker-safe.

Temperature- and humidity-controlled air enters the paint spray booths through filters located in the ceiling. Exhaust air is pulled out through a full grated floor system that covers the entire width
and length of the booth. The three paint spray booths also feature control systems with programmed cure cycles for maximum production.

Incorporating re-circulation technology and complying with EPA NESHAP filtration requirements, these booths are extremely energy-efficient and provide very effective contamination control. Filters are located in the basement of the booths via a below grate stairway.

American Eurocopter:

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