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For this week’s entry on the GFS Booth Blog, we wanted to share with you a feedback letter we received earlier this week from one of our automotive body shop customers in Missouri, USA.

Without further delay, here’s the message we received:
To whom it may concern.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the 2 Global Ultra Plus 1 booths and Mix room, that we purchased through Automotive Technology, are now completed and we have been using them for about three weeks. The booths are awesome!!!

01 paint11 paint14Automotive Technology did an outstanding job of installing the booths in a timely matter while keeping the quality very high. They have also now become very close friends as well. The horizontally mounted AdvanceCure modules are working great in conjunction with the PPG waterborne product that we are using.
We are very excited about the look and speed of the flaw free refinish jobs that we are now able to produce. I am amazed to see how little the burner is working when the booth is on the Bake mode and recirculating 80% of the exhausted air. The burner seems to work about the same on Bake as it does on the lower temperature of Spray mode when all the air is being exhausted.

I also would like to say Good Job, to all of you, for the Finishing Academy on your web site and also the Social Media that you have been involved in with blogs such as Investing In A Paint Booth – The Big Picture. Very nicely done.

Your Friend
Les Blizzard
St. Louis Street Autobody Inc.
Springfield, Missouri

We’re excited for Les, and his team over at St. Louis Street Autobody! To hear that they had such a positive experience with GFS, our products, and our distributor just goes to reinforce the importance of quality in each step in the process of investing in a paint booth.

We’re also very happy to hear that the information we’ve been sharing on this blog, and on our supporting sites like the Finishing Academy is being valued and shared. We believe strongly that if you have knowledge you can share to make your customers successful, it is your responsibility as experts in the industry to go ahead and share it with them. After all, GFS wouldn’t be here without the support of customers like Les, so the more we can do to help everyone in the finishing industry be more productive, more efficient, and more effective, then we’ll all be better off as a result.

Many thanks to Les and his team for the feedback, and our profound appreciation goes out to the team over at Automotive Technology for doing such a great job!

Here are the links to the resources that Les refers to in his message:
Investing in a Paint Booth – the Big Picture

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